3695 professional-quality sound effects produced and collected for you in 52 thematic packs.

illustration for the sound pack Skatepark


45 sounds – 69 mn A collection of 45 skatepark ambiances and skateboard SFX. This pack consists in urban skatepark ambiances crowed or not, with or without voice and performances of skateboards and scooters. To ease the sound editing of your project, we also added a set of isolate sounds like ollie, tricks, jumps and half-pipe rides.

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illustration for the sound pack Cinematic Flashback

Cinematic Flashback

134 sounds – 24 mn A collection of 134 sound effects crafted for flashback scenes. Flashback scenes often need to be distinguished of the rest of the narration by visual or sound effects. This sound pack was imagined to do so: to give a special atmosphere to flashback sequences by creating a particular space-time wrap, a part of Distorted Reality. This pack consists in 20…

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illustration for the sound pack Free Sample Pack #1

Free ! Free Sample Pack #1

23 sounds – 17 mn A free sound pack for instant download, a gift of 20 royalty free sound effects and music. All the sounds come from the sound packs available at Horse, Farm Animals and Ambiences, Antique Military Aircrafts 1 & 2, Tarmac & Cabin, World Action Beat... They are delivered in the format and resolution of the pack they are extracted from. You can…

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illustration for the sound pack Horse


130 sounds – 70 mn Horse is a wide sound library of equestrian sound effects designed with the aim of covering the largest needs of horse sounds. Walk, trot, gallop and canter footsteps were field recorded or foley recorded on concrete, dirt and wood surfaces. Neighs and snorts sounds were recorded from different perspectives to be quickly and easily edited in your…

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All our sound effect packs are made up of original, exclusive and professional quality sounds recorded by a team of independant field recordists and foley artists. They are meticulously tagged (embedded metadata) for dynamic search and perfect integration to your workflow.



45 sounds - 69 mn - 24.90€

Cinematic Flashback

134 sounds - 24 mn - 24.90€


Free Sample Pack #1

23 sounds - 17 mn - free


130 sounds - 70 mn - 69.90€

Music Logos & Openers (vol. 1)

22 sounds - 6 mn - 49.80€

Chill in Nature

12 sounds - 31 mn - 69.90€

Cinematic Slow Motion

385 sounds - 65 mn - 39.00€

Cinematic Madness

115 sounds - 37 mn - 24.90€

Trailer SFX

132 sounds - 16 mn - 24.90€

Citroën 2 CV SFX

67 sounds - 28 mn - 39.00€


Free Sound Pack 2

21 sounds - 22 mn - free

Billiards SFX

52 sounds - 5 mn - 24.90€

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