2135 professional-quality sound effects produced and collected for you in thematic packs.

illustration for the sound pack Halloween Sound Design

Halloween Sound Design

2 sounds – 65 mn Halloween Sound Design consists in two long soundscapes of Halloween specially designed for sounding, almost discreetly, a place or an event linked with Halloween. Two soundscapes ongoing and constant of 32 minutes and 34 minutes to create an atmosphere of terror without too much worry. It is 2 long ambiences, sprinkled a few discrete sounds (screams of…

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illustration for the sound pack Bad Meat

Bad Meat

345 sounds – 15 mn Bad Meat is sound library composed of 301 sound effects, cracking, squirting and splashing sounds for gore and horror productions. On the menu : blood sounds, broken bones, beheading, limb rip, burn skin, eye scratch out and many more torments. We also added a set of foleys for werewolf transformation. With this sound pack you will be able to design your…

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illustration for the sound pack Horror Show (vol. 1)

Horror Show (vol. 1)

18 sounds – 48 mn A zombies attack? An invasion of parasites or dangerous aliens but no music? Sound TrackZ Volume 1 – Horror Show is a pack of music and sound design especially created for horror films. It consists in 10 stock music and 8 background ambiances to design your production with a dark scary and dynamic atmosphere, 48 minutes of spooky sound. All these royalty…

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illustration for the sound pack Halloween party !

Halloween party !

56 sounds – 62 mn Halloween Party is a series of sounds straight out of hell. A set of 56 new sounds for Halloween: sound effects, ambiences, production elements and music. 62 minutes of monstrous sounds for instant download. If you consider inviting a few monsters, zombies, witches or the devil himself to your Halloween party, that will be done.

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The last audio packs

All our sound effect packs are made up of original, exclusive and professional quality sounds recorded by a team of independant field recordists and foley artists. They are meticulously tagged (embedded metadata) for dynamic search and perfect integration to your workflow.


Prague Ambiances

84 sounds - 148 mn - 69.90€


Cats SFX

104 sounds - 20 mn - 24.90€


French Crowds & Wallas

64 sounds - 134 mn - 39.00€


Waterfalls Springs Geysers

31 sounds - 61 mn - 24.90€


Vibrating Mobile Phone

68 sounds - 8 mn - 9.90€

Water Flow – Stream & River

74 sounds - 150 mn - 39.00€


Worldwide Phone Tones

17 sounds - 6 mn - free

Antique Rotary Phone 50s 60s

90 sounds - 4 mn - 9.90€

Antique Textile Making Machines

25 sounds - 16 mn - 24.90€

Crowd & Walla from Europe

27 sounds - 56 mn - 39.00€


Free Sample Pack #1

23 sounds - 17 mn - free

Antique Rotary Phone 70s 80s

91 sounds - 6 mn - 9.90€

Our audio files are all carefully edited and indexed

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