2430 professional-quality sound effects produced and collected for you in thematic packs.

illustration for the sound pack Harbours


52 sounds – 110 mn A set of 52 ambiances of industrial port, fishing port and marina. This pack consists in harbour ambiances recorded in different ports of Europe (France, Spain, Norway, Iceland), from the large industrial ports to calm marinas and small typical fishing ports. We wanted this pack to be as complete as possible, so we added 4 historical ambiances (all period,…

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illustration for the sound pack French Crowds & Wallas

French Crowds & Wallas

64 sounds – 134 mn 64 crowd sound effects and French walla. This sound pack consists in ambiances where people speak in French. Bars, restaurants, theatre, concert hall, public places, parties, exhibitions, are places where people talk, chat and explain. You will now have sound effects to sound design all types of projects with crowd or small groups of people, adults or…

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illustration for the sound pack Farm Animals

Farm Animals

101 sounds – 29 mn If they bray, neigh, cluck or bleat you will find them in our sound pack Farm Animals. We patiently recorded all of these animals: pig, sheep and lamb, goat and kid goat, horse, donkey, hen, chick and rooster, goose and gander, turkey, mouse, peacock, cow, duck. These 101 animal calls are delivered with no background to be easily use in all your projects.

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illustration for the sound pack Bad Meat

Bad Meat

345 sounds – 15 mn Bad Meat is sound library composed of 301 sound effects, cracking, squirting and splashing sounds for gore and horror productions. On the menu : blood sounds, broken bones, beheading, limb rip, burn skin, eye scratch out and many more torments. We also added a set of foleys for werewolf transformation. With this sound pack you will be able to design your…

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The last audio packs

All our sound effect packs are made up of original, exclusive and professional quality sounds recorded by a team of independant field recordists and foley artists. They are meticulously tagged (embedded metadata) for dynamic search and perfect integration to your workflow.



52 sounds - 110 mn - 69.90€ 54.00€

Classical Magic

157 sounds - 29 mn - 39.00€

Christmas SFX and Music

86 sounds - 50 mn - 39.00€

Prague Ambiances

84 sounds - 148 mn - 69.90€

Cats SFX

104 sounds - 20 mn - 24.90€

French Crowds & Wallas

64 sounds - 134 mn - 39.00€

Waterfalls Springs Geysers

31 sounds - 61 mn - 24.90€

Vibrating Mobile Phone

68 sounds - 8 mn - 9.90€

Water Flow – Stream & River

74 sounds - 150 mn - 39.00€


Worldwide Phone Tones

17 sounds - 6 mn - free

Antique Rotary Phone 50s 60s

90 sounds - 4 mn - 9.90€

Antique Textile Making Machines

25 sounds - 16 mn - 24.90€

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